Returning player after 1 year break looking for something else (EU TZ/10mil SP)

Greetings to you all!

Its been around a year since playing EVE and I’m eager to get back into it. I’ve mostly played solo during my time playing but I wanna get involved in something more this time.

I’m looking for something a bit more “in universe” or different than your typical EVE corp. Little bit of in game roleplay or with a focus on something more than just “we do ratting and pvp”.

I’m chill and go with the flow
10.7mil skill points and my work schedule is 3 days on, 3 days off. So I can be on for 2-3 days a week. Send me an ingame mail to Delta Torrent, my discord Delta#4793 or just DM me here if you are apart of a group that sounds like they would like to have me, I’m curious to know whats out there :slight_smile: Thanks all for taking the time to read.

greetings mate. I sent you a discord inv.

check us out:

I feel you’d be a good fit for us here is our post so you can know more about us!

Hi Delta torrent

If you can consider an independent pvp corp operating out of venal please make sure to contact us

we are not part of the blue donut mentality and we just focus in having fun and keep our gameplay as simple as possible.

if you want to know more just read our recruitment post below


I sent you an in game message! Enjoy!

Happy to have you at Shinra mate, were a UK/EU corp, focused on mining/manufacturing and pvp for those that want to (not compulsory) were a small corp but growing and were very friendly mate! either way i hope you find a home in EvE mate. shout at me in game if you want some more info or join “Shinra recruitment chat” channel

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