Returning Player after 16 year break looking for low or null sec corp/alliance

28mil skill Gallente pilot with the ability to fly Thanatos (never got the chance to actually fly yet) and Sin

I’m a Dad (and a 1-2 avg viewer streamer) that only gets to play at night (central time zone) I haven’t played for about 16 years but want to get back into it. I used to live in Null sec, PvP, and gate/bubble camps, and I use to love to rat. I’m always looking to have fun and try new things too.

I’m not just looking for a corp or alliance…I’m looking for a community to grow with and be a part of…to not always just be some grunt…to move up in the ranks and be a part of something great and have fun while doing it…I’m not interested in being sweaty 1000% of the time. If there is no fun and laughter in the game then why even play?

You Are Welcome With Us

Hello @Silventine
I can only imagine how much has changed since you last played. I’d like for you to consider joining our group. We have recently moved into our own Sov Null space with plenty of pvp and ratting opportunities. We have a wonderful relationships with local alliances that give us access to their fleet roams, systems, and services. Lots of great content in Immensea. Please check us out. Thanks

Hey man! Have the perfect thing for you! Come chat about phocas legacy and Gametheory!
We are nullsec based. But have offices in Thera, WH and HS. We are a fairly large gaming community. Plenty of newbros and vets alike to take on shennagians. We offer everything from f1 fleets to Thera blops and sweaty legions/zarm fleets. Come be the difference today

Be more then just a number

Hello There,

Please have a look at this post here for Kybernauts Clade

We are a small gang alliance that lives in a new region of space called Pochven.

Hi mate :wave:t3:
Check that out :point_down:t3: Who knows :thinking: :question: You might like it :interrobang:

Hi Silventine, if you are looking for a PVP focused experience then please consider our alliance as we would be a great option for you.

We are based in Pochven, (easily accessible from null, low , high sec and wormhole space) and focus on PVP primarily. I say primarily as we respect everyone’s desire to have a fun player experience so there are no rules really other that being on coms when joining a PVP fleet and following FC direction.

Pochven does have restrictions in that you cannot use capital ships but we do have those assets stored elsewhere for when they are needed and carry out activities outside of Pochven.

If you want to get a better idea of who we are please feel free to have a look at our latest vid below

The Morgue. alliance recruitment

You can of course always join our public fleets and pew pew with us before formally joining to see what we are about.


Join the The morgue. :skull: Discord Server!

Check out the The morgue. :skull: community on Discord - hang out with 340 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

I’m sure you have a lot of decent offers to choose from as their are some great corps represented here, so even if you don’t chose us, if you fancy jumping in on one of our public fleets and having a blast some time, still check us out for that! Some alliances might not tolerate you flying in public pvp fleets thou so always check if you do join another corp or alliance so you don’t cause ill will with them dude!


Congrats on your clones!!
Come check us out. We chill, laid back and love to spin ships!!!

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