Returning player after 4 years in AU. Looking for an all rounder Null sec corp

Returning player after 4 years in AU TZ. Looking for an all rounder Null sec corp.
Hit me up here or throw me a chat when online (Prefferred), Char: Sinest Bloodrwath

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o7 Sweetlipz.

I’m currently recruiting for founding corp of Already replaced alliance, and were building a new core of members willing to participate in Industry, PvP and maybe willing to take things a little further.

Check out our full details below and if your interested shoot me a message or join our discord to get to know us!

Sent an msg in game. Also…

hi @Sweetlipz_Wrath

we could be a place for you
we are EU TZ but some have really wired play times and coalition is online all the time


Hi Sweet,

Welcome back to eve! We’re a small but growing null sec corp living in the drone lands. Plenty of opportunities to make isk as well as good pvp. We’ve got a relaxed atmosphere that caters for people with a real life so no mandatory CTAs etc.

If you fancy a chat hop onto our discord -

Hey there come chat with us we are recruiting all time zone and have active au players in the alliance come check us out. He is our info hope to hear from you soon

If you are still looking for something!

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