Returning player Looking for a corp (WH/null/low)

Howdy, im a returning player, did play very active from 2009 until 2013, now im returned and looking for a new corp.
Got some experience in PVP (player not character)) and enjoys it, i have most experience as a scout (force recon and scanner) so i havent racked up to many juicy KMs. Main focus in a WH back then was to stay alive.

Did live in a C6 for a year+ and did enjoy it a lot. (obviously i got more then this character).
Did try out some null sec alliance and war stuff (wich i did find kinda boring)
Did however like being in a “pirate” wannabe corp, did a bit of everything there.
A invasion of some sort did come in 2010/11 (PVE stuff) was a bit interesting to take part in.
Have lots of experience from WH mining ops.
Aint really up for PvP just for the PvP, got to have a point to it (defence, offence or strategic importance), fun now and the to go roaming in a small gang but the waiting time is boring.

Im looking for:
a small/med corp (not set in stone)
wants to do WH stuff exploring or/and living there
preferable mature players

Check us out, should be a good fit. Tons of wormhole content, always hunting.

Would love to see you around!

Check us out!


Hey buddy, welcome back to the game, sounds like you might be a fit for TDSIN, can check us out here:

We live in null right now and do a mix of WH stuff and null stuff. Small-medium gang corp fleets, large scale alliance fleets. Good times all around and we have an OK track record.

Good luck and good hunting!

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