Returning player - looking for a corp

Very good reasons for that. If you’re a potential spy, the evidence could be in the mails and assets, and in fact my corp has found more than one case like that.

That being said if you’re interested with a group that takes literally everyone, including spies, try checking out Pandemic Horde,

Really? Are the spies that stupid nowadays? Lol

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You would be surprised what SPAIS overlook. Even with alpha accounts now, they still make mistakes. If you catch someone as a liar, chances are they are up to no good. However, I have experienced people to lie over the silliest of things and turn out to be that they were embarrassed that they hadn’t experience something inside the game. Motive is what I mostly attempt to root out, prior to purging them.

In Game Mail is harmless as this shows activity that matches a portion of your in game lifestyle, if they are asking for IRL email…that is borderline insane and I wouldn’t give that out unless you wanted to do that.

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