Returning Player looking for a laid back corp

I have 232m sp, there’s only a couple of ships inc titans that I can’t fly and they’re associated with mining
I would prefer null space alliance or not, not bothered either way
Has to be a mature corp I’m 52 now so I cannot be doing with drunken shouting on comms I’ve had my fair share of all that through the years
If you have to fill in an application form online then I won’t join I know how a lot of corps really do take the joining process just a bit to far I’ve been in a lot of corps so I know, I don’t want to be jumping through hoops for days and that does happen all I want is a corp that does a quick chat on comms then gives the thumbs up as simple as that so if you don’t think I’m arrogant please leave a message.

oke so i can do the same as the guy above or let you see for ure self i think i go for option number 2 :smiley:

Hotdropoclock™ [USRK] has returned! We are looking to add both combat and industrial focused pilots to come be a part of the foundation being laid down. Hotdropoclock™ is an active PvP oriented corp residing in Vale of The Silent as part of the great :panda_face: Fraternity Alliance.

What we can offer:
:skull_and_crossbones: PVP & PVE combat content
:cat:‍:bust_in_silhouette: Specialization in Black Ops
:family: Relaxed atmosphere with a RL comes first mentality
:100: Experienced leadership & FCs
:man_factory_worker: Industrial and moon mining operations w/buyback program
:truck: Jump freighter services
:green_book: Newbro training
:flying_saucer: Ship replacement program
:money_with_wings: Thriving Null Sec Market

3m+ skill points preferred
Omega is a must
Must use Discord and Mumble for comms

In game recruitment: U.S.R.K Recuitment
Or message Lynusvan Pelt [discord:Tedruxpin#2305] or Lordsory Ownage [discord:Top#4970] in the game [discord] if you have any questions.

Join Discord :Purgatory Gaming Community
Zkillboard: hotdropoclock Enterprises | Corporation | zKillboard

You Are Welcome With US

Try us out, seems like we are a perfect match.

Yeah, joined the discord, just waiting to also here back direct.
I just restarted playing again. But been playing off and on since about 2019.
Mostly Mining, production, PI, manufactoring.
Would like to do some PvE like with Trigs.
But never really did much battles.

hello we are a ns corp located in scalding pass , join our discord and seee if we are a fit for you

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