Looking for a corp

Hi all. I was wondering if there is a corp who accept new players, just starting off and to be honnest i have no clue how to play this game. Guidance wil be needed.
Im a 33 years old guys from the eu so other eu players would be appreciated as there wil be players online when i play then.
Cheers and hope to hear form one of you

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Hiya just sent you email in game and im in the UK. I can teach you everything about the game.

Check out Ascendance Rising.
We are a high security based corp that benefits from the help and experience of Null security corp.
There are no requirements and you are free to come and go as you like.

Hey i will look into the mail later today. Tyvm for replying

No problem I look forward to playing with you in game.

While I can’t recommend my own corp for a brand new player, you should defiantly check out EVE University. They are an amazing new player focused corp that will show you the ropes of any gameplay you’re interested in. Alternatively you could check out Brave if NS is wat you’re interested in. They’re a good group of guys and while their at war right now, that just means the content is coming to them instead of the other way around.

we are looking for some one like you plz give us a read

come and join us.

we will take you in and guide you towards an independent playstyle taht you will enjoy in the long run.


Hey bro
Imperium Technologies isnlook for peolle like youself, we be happy to take you in nd show you how to play the game and teach you how you can make alot of isk. Hit me up lets talk details. I sent you a in game mail also.

Hell-vape, Mail sent in game, reach back if interested.