Returning player looking for a new home!

Greetings all,

I am a returning player, after a 4 year Hiatus.

I have 4 Pilots

all ranging from 13-17 Mil SPs.

1 Fighter Pilot and 3 Miners.

Canadian East Coast Player.


Khazor Aldard
Rayzore Ambramotte
Khazore Soulreaver
Rhazore Soulreaver

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Hey, if you’re looking for a group of good people into both indy and pvp and like low sec, we might be the group for you. Feel free to join our discord!

Update to your update; we are mostly east coast Americans!

Good morning bud! If you are still looking we would be glad to take a look at you and your characters. We need good players who like to have fun. We can’t just judge you on pilots alone. If you want to join a community of people who like to congregate and just enjoy hanging out, then check is our.

I have a separate recruitment post you can check to see what we offer. Here is our recruitment discord, join and check us out today!

can you fly other T2 or T3 pvp ships besides the carrier?

We have about 6 members active from the Canada Eastern area. We would love to have you, check out the details below.

Flaming Fist Rising was formed in 2013 by a few friends and went strong for sometime. It is now being revived by both old leadership and some new alike.

The War Effort requires many skill-sets. We will need industry & combat pilots. We can find a role for you to play, everyone plays their part.

We are primarily USTZ and most members are Active from 23:00 to 05:00 Eve time

Who We Are

✦ A Revived Corporation Looking To Carve A New Name In Nullsec

✦ Member Of VINDICTIVE & Winter Coalition

✦ Great Community Who Love Space & Big Ideas

✦ Members Looking To Be Apart of Make Eve History

✦ Small But Ambitious Group

What We Offer

✦ Solo / Small Gang PVP

✦ Large Scale Fleet PVP With Coalition (Go To WAR)
✦ Ship Replacement Program (For Corp Ops)

✦ Manufacturing & Industry Structures

✦ Upgraded Asteroid Belts & Combat Sites (Thanks to Nullsec ADMs)

✦ Corporation & Alliance Logistics (Jump Freighter Services)

✦ Opportunity To Be Apart Of The Game Changing Battles Of EVE

✦ Great Community Of People

✦ People First & Foremost

Why Choose Us ?

✦ Drama Not Tolerated

✦ Content Rich Region Of Space

✦ Honey Instead of Vinegar (Meaning we use incentives instead of a deterrent |

We will PAY for Op Attendance not punish absence)

✦ Gamification | Utilizing Video Games For Real World Benefits (Ask Me More)

✦ Experienced Alliance & Coalition Leadership

✦ Experienced & Helpful Members Who Love PVP

✦ We can find something for you

✦ Opportunity To Be Apart of Growing A Brand New Name
✦ Opportunity For Corporation Leadership Roles (FC etc)

✦ Content Creation Team (In The Works, Ask Me More)


✦ Maturity & Respect

✦ Teamwork

✦ Voice Communications ( Discord, Mumble)

✦ USTZ Primary

✦ Willingness to learn & Adapt

✦ New Players must understand dangers of Nullsec, but great risk brings great reward.

In Game Recruitment Channel : Flaming Fist Rising Public

Hey there,

Welcome back :slight_smile:
If you are looking for a laid back corp with hands on mentality
are we the corp for you then
and we are recruiting.
We live deep in null in impass in a death end system
we are a fun bunch to hang around with
no u gotta do this blablabla
but ur free to do as u want when u want
alot of eu-us tz
so if u wonna give us a try hop on in
u wont regret it :wink:

Hey there,

XMETA, part of Federation Uprising

We’re in a rebuilding phase and you’re very welcome to drop by our public Discord server for a chat.

Here’s the link:

And here’s a quick overview if you fancy seeing what we’re all about before you chat:

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