Rookie looking for corp!


I wanted to declare myself open to recruitment. I am considering to join a corp and still deciding which one.

I want to join an ambitious corp, if it is small, or room for promotion if it is big.

I’ve just been playing for 2 weeks, I learn fast, but I still dont know what career I want to commit to.
Open to suggestions.

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Hey! We are looking for players to join our Corp! We are a fast growing Corp with much ambition! We can offer pvp, industrial and much more content to get you deep in the activities of eve. If you would like to join send me a message in game and we can talk about what you are looking for

Thanks Ivan

hi there Zongru,

I represent Flaming Fist Rising, newly a member of VINDICTIVE Alliance, A Member of Winter Coalition currently at war in the South. We are a small group that is extremely ambition and looking to grow and make a splash with the coalition on war ops. We are looking for people such as yourself who are ambition and looking to learn and grow in nullsec.

We would love to have you. You can contact me in Game, or simply apply in game at Flaming Fist Rising. Look forward to hearing from you.

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