Looking for Corp

Wanting to get more into Data/Relic sites, pve, and mining I just need an active Corp to do it with. In game Marry Maricadie I prefer Discord as Corp coms . Eve mail me and we can go from there.

Hey there, The Dark Vanguard operate out of Cache and offer Corp buybacks on most assets you’ll accumulate doing your ratting/mining and site running!
We are an EUTZ corp within an alliance that covers many timezones, so you’ll never be alone.
I will note that we do use Mumble as a main comms for the alliance but for internal communications we use Discord.
If we tickle your fancy drop into our public channel: TDVG Pub.

Greetings , we are a caldari hisec corp aimed to help new folks. If you want to know more details plz mail me.