Returning player looking for a null block

110 mill main subcap pvp focus …autz but often arround the clock gameplay.
Havent played since 2016 ( so experienced but super noob again), ex convicted cfc pilot (read goon aligned) but also ex darkness pilot (frat aligned,?) so there will be trust issues on your part probably…and yes i have held director roles in one of my previous corps.

Looking for a large pvp corp preferably in an established power block, not looking for drama…not looking to get into your leadership circle…just looking to recreate good times, a new space family and good fights.

Not a spy but whos going to believe that statement.
Prefer null sec corp…no wormholes, faction wf or to be totally honest …too carebearish…

Please contact me or alt Jessica Jaymes in game. Not here. Confidentiality prefered and it will be reciprocated.

You Are Welcome With us :grinning:

Thanks those who offered I… have found a corp. Cheers much appreciated.

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