Returning Player looking for chill corp in High Sec

Hello, Returning player after many years, 19M SP, looking for a chill corp to get back into the game. Im just flying around high sec right now, getting back into it. Looking to get into PVP, was never great at it so some tips / help with rigging would be awesome and im also a miner (Hulk/Orca). Hanging around DoDixie right now but something in Caldari space would be good. I have a friend starting up soon too so it would be great if he could join in a few weeks if possible but he would be green :slight_smile: Just looking for somewhere to put some roots and get to know a few people. Thanks.

Hola Colour86,

I’m Khadria Ulutek, Sec officer with Club Zer0. We’re a growing industrial / pve / wormhole jumping… Oh crap, we do a bit of everything and are newbro friendly / looking for Alpha accounts / Omega n00bs, and even vets looking for something laid back but fun as hell.

Here we are! Club Zer0 is recruiting! Alphas & Omega n00bs preferred!

Come check us out, we might be the home you’re looking for!


You would be welcome with us mate

Hello Colour, Swamp Panthers Inc. is a brand new corp, just formed last week. We are part of Bad Wolf Industries alliance, with access to manufacturing and research facilities as well as several moonbelts for mining. About as laid back as it gets, since currently, it’s just me. We are located in Caldari space, just a few jumps from Jita. Currently focused on building an industrial base for (hopefully) some expansion in the mid-term future. I would love to have you and your friend join! Mail me in game or on here! Thanks!

thank you for all the replies. I will login tonight and talk to a few of you hopefully. im alberta canada so on mountain time . cheers :slight_smile:

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