Returning player looking for Corp null/low sec (or high-sec, in any case)

Greetings capsuleers,

I’ve been off of the game for quite a year or more, because my notebook was struggling to run EVE properly. Now I am looking to come back to EVE, with a better computer, and nothing better than start with a good group of players around.

I am a 5 million player (yes, still Alpha, but I have enough PLEX ready to activate Omega for a month or two). Before I stopped playing, I was part of GoonFleet, living on nullsec (GF territory) often ratting, scavenging, manufacturing, mining and working on market needs to raise ISK for the PLEX (experimented one or 2 small gangs but my notebook was too laggy to be fast enough to attack/defend).

Despite my past activities more focused on PvE, now I am looking for some more PvP activities, as I won’t have more trouble with FPS, and, above all, have fun on the game. So, if there’s any corp or alliance who’s able to offer me a place on its ranks, I’ll be much appreciated.

If there’s any other info needed, just let me know. Its been a while so people might need other things to be sure of.

Cheers and have y’all much fun in EVE.


Greetings, i got a question for you. Would roleplay be of any interest or consideration for you?

Well, never RP’ed inside EVE but, if there’s any structure for this, I could take the chance. Still wondering how this could work as (like some other action-free games) the RP could be interrupted by any other players not willing to join the story… anyway, I do consider it.

Greetings, we are a very well stabilished corp in nullsec under CVA alliance, we live in providence region, also being alpha is not an issue. If interested, plz mail me ingame

o/ Hey there, what size corp/alliance are you looking for? I run a pretty small corp that focuses on small scale/low key pvp. We live in Syndicate and use wormholes to roam all throughout null (we’re having a lot if fun with drifter WHs atm). We also go in to the Placid area for low sec pvp once a week or so. We have a good mix of newer players and vets - a good setup newer pvpers who want to be able to ask questions without getting lost in the crowd. We’re also part of the VEGA alliance - a small/political neutral alliance in Syndicate with cool people from the EU and NA.

Check out our recruitment ad and look me up if you’re interested. Good luck on your corp hunt!

I think you’d be a great fit for Lunar Legion, our sister corp. We live in nullsec, in Providence, and we’re a lot smaller than Goons so it’ll be easy to get to know everyone. They’re newbro and alpha-friendly, and a really welcoming bunch.

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messaged you in game

Okay :slight_smile:
That’s welcoming to see that you would be willing to consider it.

I am developing an idea of mine where roleplay & lore is envolved around it.
The roleplay is based on the official eve online loren and it’s timeline but with my player lore as a base for our history that have shaped us and define us for who we are. Where my player lore/story has ended you will continue to write it from your own perspective and create/shape your own story within the player government.
Yes, a player government where players will be going though their day to day lives as a citizen of our
own government/faction. It’s not that far fetched from the reallity. Citizens have a right to vote and political parties will shape the path we will take.
There is some structure to this and i can see this grow into something big later on.

Do have a look on my recruitment post here on the forums and if you feel like it then click that link in there to get to my discord so we can have a chat and a q&a.

Hey Gi1g4m3sh,

Sounds like you might want to drop by our in game public chat or discord. We’re steadily growing as both a corp and alliance in NPC null. There’s PVE / PVP and indy to be had. We operate a zero f**ks policy of flying and are having a blast.

In game chat “Start Frontiers”
Recruitment post: B0SS Alliance - Recruiting PvP Focused Pilots & Corporations for NPC Nullsec… Come Fly With Us!

Hope you drop by!

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