Returning player looking for corporation

I’m posting because for some reason recruiters don’t get back to me. I’m looking to really get back into EVE and be a part of something. I started playing a few years ago and never joined a corp because I didn’t know much about that dynamic. I recently retired from the military so i have plenty of time… Right now i want to get into mining and much later PvP once i learn the ins and outs.

Ill send you a msg in game in a couple mins

Troll Legion is a 0.0 pvp corp led by returning players. We are training our corp members to do skirmish pvp and SWAT pvp to be force multipliers in sov fleets.

Best way to learn pvp is to jump into a good group and just start practising with cheap ships. Don’t try to become that battleship pilot before you learn because that just means bigger more expensive losses. My FC and I have years of experience in small gang pvp and love to teach.

About our alliance: We have in Pure Blind growing and aiming to make a name for ourselves, have awesome capabilities and potential, and on our way to building our own little sov empire.

Wont lie, being a young alliance our markets and industry is in a tough spot right now, but it’s improving and more people that come help with the pvp, mining, and manufacturing the better it will get!

If you are USTZ and have a Mic and headset join Trolling Grounds public channel in game, if you are UK I can set you up with a UK corp in our alliance.

Hey Tony we would be happy to help you along your path to finding a corp and learning new aspects of the game why don’t you check out our forum post and join our public channel FREAS.Public in game to chat

Howdy Tony,

I’m a member of the FRX family. We are a tightly knit group of people who enjoy playing eve. We have both miners, and Pvp pilots. We have a good few ex military members as well.

If your interested in joining us, hop on our recruitment channel, and we can have a chat.


Greetings, if you want a more relaxed corp, come chat with us, we do mining fleets almost everyday, also missions.

mail sent

I’ve joined a corp. Thanks for your replies!

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