Returning Player looking for Industry-Corp

Hey everybody,

i recently came back to eve and thought i’d give it another shot. I only have one account and it will probably stay that way until i can afford to plex another one, because i’m kinda broke in real life. I’m just shy of 5m skillpoints atm, but i’m getting there. <.<

I’m looking for a relaxed industry / mining focused corp in nullsec, that doesn’t require me to go on PVP fleets. I’d be more than happy to help out wherever i can (producing ships, stocking the market etc. once i got enough skills under my belt) but i don’t want to PVP.

Boosts and a buyback program for ore would be great, access to moon mining would be even greater. :smiley:

HIVE Industries INC is just like you described, except for the null sec.
If you’d be willing to work out of high sec space instead, then look us up.

Hey Frank, Cyntech Inc would be willing to take you in mate. give us a look up, we are located in nullsec. There are PVP requirements but you probably would not have to go on them, especially with only 5m skillpoints. We can cover you on that from. We have a few Rorqs and Orcas for boosts and a buyback program in place. We also own 4 moons and rent one. Look us up! Cyntech Incorporated Wants You! ~Nullsec/PVP/Indy corp expanding. will follow up with in-game mail

sup dude. my corp has need of miners/indy people. we have WH, Nullsec, and low sec.

we do a corp buyback program. you will have access to moon ore, as well as regular ore and ice. there is 90% of the time a standing defense fleet nearby in low sec, and in the WH we can also work with you,

hit me up. hop in comms with us. have a beer or ten and see if you like us :stuck_out_tongue:

or not. up to you.

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