New-ish Gallente Looking For Mining & Industry Corp

I am a new-ish Gallente Alpha clone who hasn’t really found a career to commit to. I recently decided to try mining and industry and have worked on progressing those skills. I am looking for Corp that mines and manufactures that is new player friendly and doesn’t confiscate most of what members mine for the Corp coffers. Not looking for indentured servitude, just a casual, relaxed Corp to teach how to mine / manufacture for profit.

Thanks for listening and consideration.

Hey mate, Cyntech Industries Does alot of mining and boosting on the field. Always looking for more miners and industrialists to help build warships and such. We dont force you to return anything to us, but we do have buyback programs if you wish to sell to us. We are also located in null. Give me a shout if you are interested!

We are in nullsec(where you can make alot of isk), but we are more than willing to help teach you the ways. We have rigs that will reduce the time and materials needed for any production job, we also have some pretty crazy rorq boosts.

No fee
No required fleets

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