Null Corp looking for mining/Industrial and combat pilots!

Arkenstone Foundries Inc. was established for mining, indi/R&D, and casual PVP.

Seeking experienced industrialists to grow in 0.0 in our corp & alliance.

New players are welcome, but we require that new players go through and complete ALL of the main training missions and ALL of the career specific ones as well.


we are looking for players interested in:

  • Mining

  • Mission running

  • R&D / Indi work / PI

  • Combat/PvP/Roams/Covert Ops

If you are interested in flying with us, stop by the ARKFI Recruitment channel or message me directly!!

Happy and safe flying.

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Hello. I am currently building a High Sec mining and industrial corporation. I am not looking to move to Null sec; however, I do believe I could be of some use to you. I am looking to build my own corporation as a sort of sellout corporation meaning this: we will mine and build items requested by a low/null sec corp and in exchange they will provide payment for these items as well as either access to or gift of the null sec materials needed for the Industry. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact me in game. o7

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