USTZ indy/ PVE corp looking for Miners, Industrialists, and combat pilots!

Arkenstone Foundries Inc. was established for mining, indi/R&D, and casual small group roams.

New players are welcome! we are established with an alliance in Null Sec. great opportunity to make lots of money and learn the game.


we are looking for players interested in:

  • Mining

  • Mission running

  • R&D / Indi work / PI

  • SOV Warfare/Roams/Cov Ops

If you are interested in flying with us, stop by the ARKFI Recruitment channel and/or mail DEATHROE Annages.

looking for new and vets! small very friendly and fun! come hang out with us and fly safe!

big money to be made with moon ore and great ratting locations! join today!

friendly players ready to help make more friends and help new players trying to learn the game!

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