Returning player - UK based. Looking for Exploration/Mining/PvE - I'm not great at PvP

Ok, so about me. I’m 44 and UK based. I don’t get a lot of time to play Eve,maybe 1-2 hours a night a few nights a week so am looking for a relaxed corp to join. I can sometimes be on voice comms but not always as it clashes with the TV viewing :slight_smile:

Darrenius has been around for about 7 years on and off and has around 26m SP but they are in random areas and not really focussed which sort of reflects my life in New Eden. However, he does have good mining, processing and exploration skills if that’s helpful.

I’m not great at PvP but do enjoy it- tried FW for a bit, died a lot. I once put guns on a Badger. Is there a home for me somewhere? I am interested in the RP side but also quite happy to join a cool corp where RL comes first. I am an independent learner.

Fly safe o7

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Hey I’m 46 and not great at PvP and I’m in UK !!!

Haha joking aside. We are based in null and get involved in all aspects of PvP. You’re very welcome to come and have a chat with us on our Public Discord:

Here’s our forum recruitment ad, it’ll give you a flavour of what we’re about:

Hey, maybe we could be a fit for you.

Lucifer’s Own is a newly formed corporation for casual players who are looking for a place to call home. In Lucifer’s Own, you have the opportunity to play the game in many ways. We understand that not all players are able to dedicate a lot of time to Eve. We want to create an easy no barrier corporation with a focus on PvP. We will not be owning anything so no mandatory ops to conquer, destroy or defend.

We welcome all pilots no matter their skill points and account status. The most important characteristic of a pilot is the wish to PvP together and have fun whilst doing that.

We run gatecamps, cruiser roams, frigate roams, Black Ops would be cool in the future.

What we are:

Friendly with leadership with a decade of experience.

A start up corporation. Meaning we are building something together


A group that finds satisfaction in blowing things up!

What we are not:

An elite PvP corp with CTA’s

In an alliance and probably never will be

Looking to merge with another corporation

We are looking for:

PvP pilots or weekend Warriors

Pilots who want to learn to PvP.

Pilots who are willing to help build up a corporation

Pilots who can be on comms when we are in a fleet

If this sounds good to you message Mikhos or join ‘’Lucifer’s Own Pub’’ in-game channel and ask what you can do to join.

We are a small, chilled no fuss corp based in high sec.

To be honest we are not actively recruiting, intending to keep ourselves as small as possible but I was just browsing the forum and saw your post and
I thought I would reply. We are mostly active EU tz, and I’m UK based myself with a couple of other guys also, we are all older players. With real lives. Be prepared to be on first name terms.

We have active moon mining daily, close to lowsec/null for your exploration. Zero tax but we ask for help with our monthly moon mining op to cover our costs. If you can. We use a C2 WH for PI production
We are not however a PVP corp.

All of us are ex-Nullsec pilots that have been around awhile. So can offer advice if you feel you want to focus those random skill points.

Hit me up in game if you’re interested.

Hello @Darrenius_Enaka ,

We are a super ACTIVE WH Corp/Alliance. We would love to show you a part of the game that most players simply don’t understand nor care to experience a better way of EVE living that is simply amazing.

You have to experience our side of gameplay to even understand how J Space is superior to all others. I don’t mean to lesser the other great areas of space, but what we experience in order to simply live in game is so challenging that it appeals to the active player who is looking to be a part of the gaming community and not a simple +1 player in some large bloc of existence. Every one of our members matter, in every engagement. Come take a closer look at who and what we are in space…

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC Executive Council

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