Returning player with 45M SP, looking for Null Home

Returning to EVE after being gone for over a year…looking to find a home in Null where I can help out with mining while learning about industry and logistics.

I’m not big on PvP, but will kit out for defense fleets, not so big on going on the roams to find action.

What I like to do:

  • Ratting
  • Mining
  • Feeling like my mining is supporting a goal other than just increasing my wallet
  • Have a group of friends to talk mess round with in the evening to relax (US time zone based)

What I would Like to Learn/Accomplish:

  • I’d love to learn about the industry and more macro resource gathering thats going on, particularly with the new expansion coming out.
  • Would like to lean how to set up, run and possibly monetize Item transfer logistics from Null to High sec and back, either by jump ships, or blockade runners (both Character skill wise and player knowledge wise)

What I’d like the Corp to have:

  • Buyback Program for Ore
  • Active Players
  • An understanding that Real Life trumps EVE life

Thanks, and fly safe!

Hello, I am logging in now to convo with you but my laptop is slow you might have time to read our post :wink:

We’re looking for miners and builders, we’re a pretty mature bunch, have a browse through the Corp ad and if you think we’re a good fit, jump on to the Evian Ind Recruitment channel in game.

Here’s the pitch :wink:

I’m on now :slight_smile:

You should at least consider joining a fledgling young corp in an established dronelands alliance with fantastic mining infrastructure before making your decision…

Active players in Corp and alliance. Alliance buy back of all things industry!

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