Returning to EVE, LF a new Home

Love to small gang pvp and make ISK to pay for it… Mainly interested in Low or Null Sec life, need a Corp that plays well together and is fairly Mature. Character has 41 SP fairly tightly focused on combat and flying Minmitar ships! He gets angry when he cant find people to shoot things with!

Not looking for Massive blobs or constant CTA’s. Participation will be high during my play time, but RL comes first! Looking for options and a place to call home

Hello Ir0nMike,

Have you ever thought about living in WH space?

I am currently in a corporation called : Holy Hunters who focuses on PvP while doing PVE on the side to afford ships. We live in a C4 with C3-C4 which gives us access to great small gang PvP with ratting on the side. We’re all EST/Central time zone.

We are looking for a specific mindset and attitude where everyone scans, where we all want to do PvP over PVE even if we’re being outnumbered and where there is no toxicity inside and outside the corporation.

Our corp’s goal is to grow large enough to take all fight and defend smaller WH corporation from eviction. If that sounds interesting, here is a discord invitation : Holy Hunters

Have you looking into FW? We are part of the Minmatar Militia and there is always someone to shoot at. Additionally, using LP to fund your pvp habits is fairly easy so you won’t have to worry about making the isk for it. If you are interested and want to know more join our in-game channel “MinmilMarauders” or shoot me an eve mail.

Hey Ironmike,

I run a corporation and alliance deddicated to no blobs, or blocs., small to mid pvp engagements, and no constant CTAs. I think you would find a nice place to hang out with chill people and pew pew when you are on. Our rule is RL first in this corp.

My discord is Rots Mijnwerker #5566

German Efficiency is seeking new pilots! We are a Zero-Drama, multinational/global corporation based in null-sec, that is looking for more people to join our tight knit, and somewhat murderous, community. We do alliance operations, small gang roams, mining fleets with max boosts, and even ‘Mining Permits’ enforcement in high-sec.


  • Around 5 Million SP
  • Ability to use Teamspeak, Discord, Mumble and other chat type programs
  • ESI Token for all characters in and out of the Alliance
  • Omega is not required, but is advised.

Come speak with us in “German Efficiency” Public Channel in-game, or on Discord German Efficiency

Check us out. Low-sec pvp. Old corp. Working Professionals with IRL first mentality.

Blops, Dreads, Caps, Subs.

Hey, sent an in game mail, love the character name :slight_smile:

We would love to take you in.

We are The Order of Omerta and we are a mining, indy and pvp Corp, proud members of The Celestial Empire, and are seeking like minded pilots to fly with us. We are goal oriented and are looking for miners, pvpers, indy and pve players to join our Corp and help build this thing with us.

Our philosophy is to create a place ppl can work and play together without constant stress or obligations, play how you want.

We do pvp but don’t require it (except qrf fleets, gotta keep us safe). No CTAs, Strat op or other pvp obligations if you don’t want it. ON THE OTHER HAND, if you do like pvp we got plenty for you. Small to large gang engagements, SIGs and other specialized groups, and large coalition level fleets to help shape the map. Cap fleets to blops we do it all. Most fleets are SRPable and we got fun ppl to kill with and experienced FCs.

We got low cost indy structures, organized mining fleets with max boosts, moon and ice mining as well as access to several markets to sell goods at. Good PI along with a Buyback and now a sellback program to help fulfill your indy needs. Come join our famed juke box fleets where we all play music while we socialize on coms together.

We got great ratting and other money making opportunities available for everyone from capital pilots to newbro pilots. We can help train folks to get them into various content so don’t be shy. We got a wardec free highsec Corp for newbros and those who love HS content.

We ask for a mature attitude, ESI check, active mic, willingness to participate in fleets and in coms (not all the time if you’re an introvert but we do wanna hear from you) and voice interview. Looking for players who want a strong helpfulcommunity and are seeking active pilots to fly with.

Join our Discord to chat or message Varina Vengari in game.

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