Returning to the game looking for corp

Returning after a long break forgot most of what I was doing or how to play basically starting from scratch other then having skills trained. Kinda want to do combat but not sure if thats possible with my skills. I do like combat but am probably not at the point where I can do much but im not sure. Prefer a corp that is helpful almost like a mentor and one that i can feel like I help when I can and one that I don’t feel like a number but a member. As well as is still active.

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If you’re interested in exploration and aren’t seeking PVP, check out Signal Cartel.

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This is us, this is what we do. Seems like you would be a good fit for us.

I have a number of pilots of teaching the basics to as well as a indy wing we are putting together.

Come check us out on discord or our forum post.

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Give us a look man. Do all things eve focusing on new players and returning vets but a solid for home most members for life.
Recruitment Post

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[W.N.G.A]" Who needs graphics anyway" is a PVP oriented corp, located in 0.0(legacy) We are currently looking for new members. If you are PVP-minded, fairly experienced, but most of all relaxed, with a mature attitude and if you are looking for a great time, we are the corp for you!

We have the following to offer you:

  • Active veteran leadership
  • Full ship reimbursement program.
  • PVP rewards (ISK reward)
  • Doctrine ship replacement program
  • Frequent OPS
  • Baiting
  • Bashes
  • PVE (simply because you need ISK)

Mumble is required and communication is done in English. We do ask some commitment from your part as far as joining meetings and if possible fleet ops. But most importantly we are all just looking for a fun time together in EVE and helping each other when possible.

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I have been playing EVE for years now and am still excited about the game. I came back recently after a nice break and tried to find a corp which suits my playstyle. And here started my problem. I could not find anything. They all had some demands or rules I did not want to meet. CTA’s, mandatoy on comms, nothing other than PvP, etc.

So I decided to create my own corp. A corp where the main occupation is PvP but also has room for other playstyles. Do you like manufacturing or exploration as a means to fund your PvP. No problem! Do you want to log in after a hard day at work and not be on comms but just relax? No problem!

I like the close knittedness of a corp and dont like the added weight of an alliance. An alliance will, in my mind, cause the corp to loose its identity and ability to make its own decisions. So this corp will not join an alliance ever. Same goes for blues, we dont need them.

So I hope that you are interested after reading this. The corp is small of course but I would like to grow it with like minded people. To create an environment where we have fun with whatever we do.

What we offer

Mature atmosphere with plenty of experience and SP
PvP orientated with room for other playstyles
Active, engaged, and approachable leadership 
Plenty of content: we can go anywhere we want
A relaxed, drama free atmosphere

What we are looking for

Self-sufficient, PVP focused players
EUTZ strictly
No hard SP limit
Pilots who want to help out other pilots

Join our channel FUP PUB and have a talk to find out more!

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If you’re USTZ or late EU, check us out.

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Hello Vole, I see that you are looking for a corporation to join and help you in returning to EVE life…Well we here at Dolphin Navy Issue would be glad to have you! We offer Corporation mining, Ratting, small gang pvp and Worm Hole mining and gas huffing. And if you are interested, we also have connections to Null sec corps as well. Hope to hear from you soon. Thraxis Oriki.

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Hey Vole,
In Black Omega Security we’re trying to build a community, not a huge mega corp where nobody knows one another. It’s a great place to learn and we’re looking primarily for enthusiasm and activity.
We have alliance tournament winners, bloc level strat fc’s and and new guys and everything inbetween. So in terms of getting advice and help, it’s a great place to be.

BLACK OMEGA SECURITY Recruitment for PVP’ers Now Open <<< more info to see if you’re interested.

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Helpful like a mentor, you say? I think you’d fit in well here.

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Hello vole,

B0SS Alliance is back and we are actively recruiting cool people focused on PVP. We are currently staged in NPC null sec and have plenty of content for people interested in all sorts of pvp.

At Star Frontiers & B0SS Alliance we place a premium on mature social interactions, and on playing eve well - by learning, growing and communicating with one another. As we once famously stated, “we’re not elitists, we’re just tired of fail.”

Please reach out to us on discord!

For testimony from our members check out our recruitment thread Star Frontiers - 12 Year Old Corporation Recruiting PvP Focused Pilots for NPC Nullsec.... Come Fly With Us!

Hope to hear from you soon,


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:wave: Wellcome back to eve online :rocket: again @vole_Ambraelle .

I am currently developing an idea of mine and it could be of an interest for you to have deeper look at.

Since you have returned to the game and are at the doorstep again on the learning curve it could be a good idea to restart fresh and learn everything again from scratch with some friendly guidence.

Good luck finding yourself a long turm home and good luck with your learning curve again.

Do contact me if you find this of interest or got any questions.

Tryme Trymsson

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I understand you are looking for a corp. We’re a Null Sec Corp that offers a place where you can learn, grow and become a valued part of our organization. We offer an infrastructure that supports what ever it is you enjoy doing in game. We’re happy to teach and are not assholes. All we ask is that you are willing to undergo a background check which takes 24 to 48 Hours.

The Zerva Corporation: A community of active players hell bent on having some fun and enjoyment as we seek to rule the universe. All that will be required of you is the respect of your Zervas brethren, a healthy, psychopathic, desire to blow things up and the willingness to enrage our enemies as we expand the influence of the Corporate Empire.

To the right Pilots we offer many things.

Zervas Aeronautics
✪ Active Leadership
✪ Sov Alliance
✪ Relaxed Atmosphere
✪ Escalation sites
✪ Havens/Sanctums
✪ Exclusive Systems
✪ Moon Mining
✪ Exp FCs
✪ PVP Training
✪ Solo Action!
✪ Small Gang Action!
✪ Large Gang Action!
✪ Null Sec/Low Sec Action!
✪ Free Fitted Ships
✪ Combat Pay!
✪ TS/Mumble/Jabber/Discord
PUB The Evil Genius Bar and Grill

Fly Safe o7

The Prophit

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TDSIN is one of oldest and biggest PVP corps in WH Space, we live out of a C5-C5 WH which gives us all content we need.

  • We offer a great community.
  • Alot of fleets
  • Ship SRP
  • Fun Wormhole OPS
  • Farmhole empire
  • IRL meetups.

Come check us out in.
TDSIN Recruitment ingame

[TDSIN C5/C5 Corp - EU/US] 10 Years in WH Space! Looking for experienced pvp’ers across all timezone’s Recruitment Center

Here at The Dark Space Initiative , we’re looking to swell our ranks with willing and active PvP-focused pilots. We’re one of the oldest and most successful corps in WH-space with over 9 years of experience under our belt! With the expansion of citadels it’s never been easier to move into and live in a wormhole. Come live with a long-established WH corp to reinvigorate your love of Eve! We live out of a no effect C5 with a C5 static which provides us with plenty of opportunities to pew pew wi…

Regards o7
Furu Bonehead
TDSIN Recruitment

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Hello @vole_Ambraelle

I noticed you were looking for some guidance in game. How is that going with WRG? I hope well. If not however, please give us a closer look as I promise you that we care about training our player/pilots to the highest level possible. The reasons, well we believe in the BETTERMENT of EVERYONE’s CONTENT in game. Think about that for a second. We care more for the game itself then we do about building a reputation for ourselves. This gets us into some of the crazy in game fights in WH space. If you get a chance, come see us…


WHSOC Jump to be Known

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Maybe you should look at Evian Industries, We are looking for new Capsuleers of nearly all experience levels.

Newbro and BitterVet friendly, We don’t require much; but an SEAT is needed. A background check will be performed. We want people who want to work as part of a team, to forge something bigger together!

We operate in Nullsec. We are mainly an Industrial corp, doing ratting, mining, PI, building and a little PvP.

We try to have different fleets up whenever we can. Our members range from longtime players to new players.

We have a mature and friendly community with a relaxed atmosphere. All time zones are welcome and we are the sort that understand that RLl comes first. We have members in both US, EU and Aussie TZ

We can offer comms, slack, Ship Replacement Program on alliance ops, PVE and small pvp fleets, a BluePrint Copy program and a Buyback Program for Ore and Salvage

We are looking to expand our pvp effort in corp and alliance, More pilots helping with teaching and flying in fights would be great. If you want to be part of this join our public channel “Evian Ind Recruitment” so we can start to get to know each other (mentioned you have been contacted, or contact “Dixie Diamond WhiteSamoyed” ingame)

Best Regards

Evian Industries

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