Returning Vet Looking for a new relaxing home

Greetings Pilots.

Returning Vet here. wanting to return to the universe of EVE, after a long burnout, i wish to return to a relaxed
environment, no CTA’s No Null sec sov stuff. no drama and no politics.

I prefer Lowsec, with both PVE and PVP opportunities. Highsec is fine to if there is people to fly with in the corp.

so Anyone looking to get a social, friendly. Danish, new pilot to fly around with and have fun.
hit me up.

and i say again. im not interested in Nullsec as a place to live.

Best regards
Yours truly
Kito. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

we’re a new corp, based in hi sec but low near bye, setting up and aim to be in a WH eventually. Msg me in game if you have any questions

Sonoros Rahl

Hey Drug Kito,

You would be a good fit over at JREX. Many of us are null-sec vets we live in low-sec just wanting to find good PvP. Whether it’s blops to using capitals what we wanna do is fight. We fight a lot with various groups and we wanna just have fun. We are also founders of the alliance called Sediiton. a low-sec alliance that hates the blobs. We prefer medium sized fleet engagements, but otherwise we PvP everywhere. So hope you would like it here!



I have attached our discord and recruitment thread below.


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