Returning vet looking for new home in HS or WH

I am returning to eve after a couple of years looking for a new home that i can join and have fun in.

Yo m8, welcome back, what you say about thi? keeping law and order :sunglasses:

No obligations and lots of fun catching the bad guys :policewoman:

Her u have the full details of what we are all about, enjoy and hope to ttys

Hi there Mr Joe Black

Welcome back to eve. I noticed that you are looking for HS or WH. But could you consider try out nullsec npc pvp.

We operate from venal own by the guristas which means no1 can take it away from them and of course us as well.

As an alliance we just focus in pvp and having fun and avoid everything that has to do with sov warfare and blue doughnut gameplay.

If you want to know more please have a look at our website or just join our discord The morgue.

If we are not good enough i hope you find what you are looking for

take care

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