RezCo - Corpse Collectors Wanted!- Null PvP

Looking for a home?
Watch the video then.

We are still recruiting!

We are looking for PvP Players in EU/US TZ.
Want to see what we do? Watch this!

We are still looking for pilots! Enlist today!

Our newest recorded fun:

We are still recruiting!

Mainly looking for:
:diamonds: Line Pilots (aka F1 Monkeys)
:diamonds: Small Gang/Skirmish Pilots and FC’s
:diamonds: Blops Pilots and FC’s

We offer:
:diamonds: Sov to make isk in if needed
:diamonds: An Alliance and a Coalition with daily fleets
:diamonds: SRP Program for lost doctrine ships
:diamonds: experienced pvpers and fcs
:diamonds: a strong, cohesive, trolling core memberbase

See the above, if you’re looking for nullsec fights, stupid stuff and just a generally fun relaxed atmosphere, we’re the group for you


We’ll be available at this time tomorrow to speak to any EU TZ recruits, if you’re interested give us a hollar!

Come have a chat with us today in Rezco Public!

Looking for content?! Look no further RezCo is recruiting! Join ingame Rezco Public and have a chat with a recruiter Today!!!