RHP Looking for Pilots and Corps 00/HS

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do you want to know more ? https://discordapp.com/invite/zQZsmga

Active Pilots pvp - Wether Beginner or Pro Gamer - New as Pilot ? Corp ? We help you with your goals.or Veterran.
☜✪☞ Daily PVP 00/HS/WH/Lo Roams Strat Defense
☜✪☞ PVP For EU / AUTZ / US
☜✪☞ TS3 / Discord
☜✪☞ RL Comes First / No F1
☜✪☞ Pilots or Pvp Corps
☜✪☞ isk :wink: no proplem SRP etc.
☜✪☞ PvP ツ New player friendly ツ
do you want to know more ?