RL First 0.0 Corp! Great benefits, no pressure... just have fun!

We are an active 0.0 corporation living in two nice systems in Tenerifis - with a very active alliance and coalition. In total we have access to 12 systems for all of our activites.

The alliance and coalition take out pvp fleets every day in various timezones, and we have regular boosts available for miners - you will never be bored.

Corporation Benefits:
¤ Low Taxes
¤ Paid training for corporation/alliance/coaltiion doctrine ships
¤ PvP ships at cost provided to our members
¤ RL first attitude, no pressure to participate in every fleet out there.
¤ Great group of people to chat with you and have fun
¤ Regular contests where you can win 500 plex!
¤ Great space for miners and indy folks - regular boosts available!
¤ Create your PI Empire! Only 300 clicks per set up! lol

Come chat with us in Nisus Pub

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Do you accept alphas? Do you require discord or whatever it’s called? Do you require applicants to submit api? I have never considered 0.0 space because I have no interest in pvp combat, but I’m looking for a mature group of people with which to spend the small amount of gaming time I have.

Do you accept alphas?

Depending on what you can fly, you could live down here.

Do you require discord or whatever it’s called?

Yes we do, you will need to communicate if you get in trouble and people generally don’t pay attention to most chat channels outside of the intel ones.

Do you require applicants to submit api?

Yup, full api non expiring. No exceptions.

In terms of PvP combat, we would expect that at the very least you participate in the defense of our space if a hostile comes in.

Join us! Free bunny slippers!

Bump for a great group of guys!

Fly dangerous

Come check us out! Great doctrines for PVP! If you can’t anchor, we will make fun of you in a loving and nourturing way.

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