Roid Traders is now Recruiting **Null Living**

im def down to come join yall, ill be back on eve about 6 or 7 pm or 2300-2400 game time, i also joined the discord [GOOM]deathfacade is me

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Cool man can’t wait to talk to you in EvE and Discord again

still recruiting.

Null Sec baby !!

Null Life !!

Waiting here for you !!

Are you ready for NULL ?

Still taking applications

Still Recruiting

Null Live? You game ??

It’s not “salt life” It’s NULL LIFE…get on board our ships !!

Still recruiting

Still looking for those short bus special people that live the NULL life

Bumps up

Bumps and more bumps

i am looking for a good corp with good moons for mining… what moons do u got?

PM me in game and we can talk


Keeping it bumped

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