Roid Traders is now Recruiting **Null Living**


(Eowarebin Ginen) #1

We are a Null sec Indy Corp living in Fountain.


  • ore
  • ice
  • moons


  • 2 ratting systems with index 5
  • 10/10 complexes


  • fuel blocks
  • nanite repair paste
  • mtu’s


  • ships t1/t2
  • ammo t1/t2
  • rigs t1/t2


  • Alpha grudge fleets
  • roams
  • system defence

If you would like to know more please look for our recruitment add “in game” and join our public channel “RTS Central” or join our discord channel

Returning Pilot looking for a new home
(DrButterfly PHD) #3

Hey dude.

If you are interested in considering moving to Etherium Reach, we’re in need of some miners to come fly with us. Ping me in game if interested.


(Eowarebin Ginen) #6

Still looking for members…

(Eowarebin Ginen) #10

Come join in on something fun and adventurous. Already have a few new players. Still looking for more!!

(Yor Demise) #11

Good group of people to fly with. They will help you have fun and make isk.

(Eowarebin Ginen) #12

Thanks Yor Demise. I have fun flying with your group too.

(Aauman) #13

This is a great corp for sure. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

(Balor Fomorian) #14

hey, im interested, new player, 3.5m sp flying a retriever barge looking to boost earnings and learn aswell, drop me a pm

(Eowarebin Ginen) #15

Balor, I wouild like to talk to you in game. I’m normally on around 2300 EvE time. Also you can talk to some of my corp members in RTS Central in game at any time.

(Eowarebin Ginen) #19

Keeping the bumps going

(Eowarebin Ginen) #20

keep the bumps going !!

40mil sp semi new player looking for a nul or low sec corp
(Eowarebin Ginen) #21

And the bumps keep coming

(Eowarebin Ginen) #22


(Eowarebin Ginen) #23

Still looking for those special pilots that live and die for null sec. We mine and PvP . Always something to do !!

(Eowarebin Ginen) #24

B umps

(Eowarebin Ginen) #25

Bump to the top

Old Returning Player LF Null Sec Home
(Eowarebin Ginen) #26

Still Recruiting

(Eowarebin Ginen) #27

Looking for those “Short Bus Special” peeps !!

(Eowarebin Ginen) #28

Keep up the apps !!!

(Eowarebin Ginen) #30

Are you special enough to drive the short bus with us ?