Rorq Pilot - Expert PI/Miner 26Mil+ SP (SOLD)

(Bianca Garden) #1

Character has Sold
TY for your interest

(Bianca Garden) #2

(Bianca Garden) #3

Still Available

(Sinickal) #4

Buy out offer 20bil

(Hauler 08'15) #5

21B rdy

(Emerald Reign) #6

22 B/o offer
Ready Now

(Bianca Garden) #7

Probably keep myself on here for another 20-24 hours. I’ll let everyone know.

(Vicky Monet) #8

24 bil

(Bianca Garden) #9

Daily Bump

(Bianca Garden) #10

Bid Accepted, Vicky Monet
Let me know when you are online

(Sinickal) #11

Bianca, if the above buy out falls through I will step in and match the offer. Good luck with sale.

Will hold that offer for 48 hours.

(Vicky Monet) #12

Email sent,isk gived,We are expecting a reply

(Bianca Garden) #13

Awesome. Logging in now

(Bianca Garden) #14

Please confirm account name to transfer. Received error during process

(Bianca Garden) #15

Sent. 10 hours for transfer completion.
Will alter title to show sold.
Thank You

(Vicky Monet) #16

Transaction complete