Rorq Pilot looking for USTZ Null-Sec Indy Corp in quiet system

Currently in large NS alliance, took 5 month break, was tired of being farmed for content…constantly cloaky camped and unable to mine in anything but T1s or rat in VNI, due to campers and regular blops on anything even slightly blingy…logged bak in after 5 month break and still same named campers throughout region…corp has failscaded losing half its members so time to move on.

Looking for NS corp where I can Krab in “relative” peace…I know PVP happens…I can do fleet PVP and fly most NS doctrines, follow FC’s directions, etc…as required.

I am active on TS…older gamer…mature…semi-retired…West Coast USTZ…don’t like kids on my lawn or their loud rock music!

Where there are crabs, there are campers and hunters. You’ll never get pure safety in nullsec, so you’re chasing a dream.

Most regions right now are at war.

Don’t mind hunters passing thru…nature of the game…but constant camping and farming by same group, with daily red KBs in system…only able to use T1 barges/VNIs…gets old after 8+ months…

Ah, you were GOTG. Well, even in Delve there’s tons of dudes running around trying to kill excavators, but you could try goons.

Maybe TEST is pretty quiet right now, or just normal renter space.

If you’re looking for that though, you’ll be hopping a lot though. Groups go to war all the time. Try some small groups that are under the radar.

You called?

Looking for a Nullsec corporation?
Look no further!
-Hardcore pvpers
-Null Sov Holders
-Willing to help you train for PVP
-Always ready to fight
-Ratting and Mining Space
—> Join cepta pub in game to learn more!

Home systems in Fountain with opportunities opening up in Cloud Ring

Wayy! Bro, come have a chat with us, we are “exactly” what you are looking for.

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