Run loglite in eve client

I’d like to suggest the loglite process be built into the EVE client, and run behind the scenes. A memory area can be allocated that holds the loglite text while EVE was running, and when the player submits a bug report, it would attach the loglite log to the bug report. If no bug report is submitted, the loglite log is simply deallocated when the client is closed.
Crashes can be captured on Windows and write the crash logs and loglite logs wherever is needed too. Even though you probably can’t make a readable crash log without the debug info, at the very least, the loglite log would give a decent idea of how the crash occurred.

Out of curiosity…

  • What is the benefit of keeping log lite separate from the client? Does it provide better info in cases of crashes?
  • What’s the benefit of integrating it into Eve? Is it just to make it easier to attach it to a bug report? Could there be another way to make that easier?
    No P2W

Also explain quite well why any crash monitoring/reporting software shouldn’t be attached to process it’s supposed to monitor.

OP, you can select in launcher to start loglite each time client starts.

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