Running with Wolves (Triumvirate) ***Recruitment OPEN***

Looking for PVP pilots - Come join the PACK!!!

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Recruiting PVP pilots!

How much and what type of experience are you looking for?

PVP experience primarily. We have the PVE space, but we’re pew pew focused. Capitals, BS, HAC…etc.

Bump— recruiting!!1

What is your prime-time in EU TZ? I play mainly on late evenings

Falls right into most of our Alliance fleet action

Good to know. Will be in touch.
Safe tavels, capsuleer


Bumpy bump!! - Recruiting!!!

Come kill some ships with us - Join the PACK

Bumpy Bump, Still recruiting

No more blackout… Recruiting!!!

Recruiting EU pilots - No more blackout - Let’s goooooo

Recruiting EU PVE/PVP pilots