Running with Wolves (Northern Coalition.) ***Recruitment OPEN***

Recruiting EU PVP/PVE pilots. Come join us in shooting sheep.

Recruiting combat pilots EU/US TZ

Recruiting PVP Pilots - Hit us up!

Hey New Eden… Still recruiting

Come join us for some pew pew


Come join us for some fun

Recruiting EU/AU/US PVE/PVP Pilots - Join us


Looking for active pilots

Looking for active pilots!!

Join us and enjoy pvp and R64 moons with us

A good video made by an alliance member of our latest fight with TAPI and Co. Come and talk with us to get in on the action!

Bump ! Still looking for members !

Still recruiting!

Bump! Still Recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Looking for active pilots

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Tried posting in discord a few minutes ago, deleted comment

Looking PVE and PVP pilots - Must be active - Merry Christmas