New EU TZ Pilot 12 mil SP - Looking for a new home

I am hoping to take the next steps in EVE with a corp.

Here’s a bit about me and what I am looking for.

  • currently I am focused on PVE, mining and building stuff.
  • would enjoy getting into PVP.
  • looking for something a bit more spicy.
  • hoping to help out and actively be a part of a corp.
  • can commit time to the corp.
  • willing to learn and train the skills that will help with progression.
  • omega account (intend to keep it that way).
  • online almost daily.
  • not a fan of drama.
  • not afraid of being the joke if/when I screw up.

Please feel free to message me if you think you may have a corp of interest.

Hey there,

Sounds like we have the perfect solution for you, why not come talk to us on our Running with Dogs community discord as we have a high sec training Corp that will get you ready to join our main Corp in null sec.

Check out our full advert… come talk to us we can get you where you want to go in Eve :dog2: :100:

You sound like you would like us. We are The Order of Omerta and we are a fw, pvp focused Corp with some indy folks too. We build em and we blow em up the eve cycle of life.

We are an older group in our 40s to 60s mostly and don’t like bs or drama. We fleet up daily and can teach you the finer points of pvp and likely give you some indy work.

If interested come by and chat The Order of Omerta

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