S-II Opens stock for all EDENCOM Personal

After a week of a long debate between shareholders has it been approved by a four to five vote, as well as approval from Phoenix that Sorn Interstellar Industries [S-II] will open its more special stock for all EDENCOM personal, as well as people fighting for the freedom of your stars. S-II have been in this business for over a year now and have had multiple orders delivered to all over New Eden.
This offer will continue over the week so probe for interest, and should there be sufficient interest in our wares, the offer will be extended. All personal flying under the Gallante Navy’s banner will get a 15% discount as thanks for keeping out proud Federation safe

– For more information contact CEO Maira Blackfire or COO Aiko Nekorajin

Our stock consist of:

  • Drop
  • Exil
  • Mindflood
  • Blue pill
  • Nerve sticks
  • Crystal Egg
  • Agency Pyrolancea - I and II
  • Agency Hardshell - I, II and III
  • Agency Overclocker - I, II and III

All our combat boosters come in both Standard and improved version. as well as a Synth variation for people with the stomach for side-effects. S-II also offers none combat booster versions

Aside from Booster tech, S-II offers personal security in the form of small arms for personal use as well as Ships and weapons systems for all ship classes of Capsuleer and none Capsuleer variations. Personal security guards can be arranged per contractor, but understand that S-II isn't doing these contracts normally and therefore will have to evaluate each contractor separately.

All our goods will be delivered either in Jita or to the nearest system where the fighting is taking place.


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