S o l d

(Austin Utama) #1

Gallente Focused pilot.

256,000K Unallocated SP
Positive Wallet
Security Status 0.11
3 Remaps available
No kill rights

(poplar leaf miners) #2

Hoping to see skills.

(Dimpleex) #3

Was just about to get to it.

Confirming for sale


(Austin Utama) #4


(Ella Goose) #5

16B B/O Valid for 24 Hours

(Austin Utama) #6

Offer accepted. Messaging now

(Ella Goose) #8

Isk and account info have been sent to dimpleex

(Ella Goose) #9

Email received. Thank you for your business

(Austin Utama) #10

Treat him good :sob:

(system) #11

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