Wallet balance: positive

Kills rights: none

Jumps clones: 3

Location: High sec - Jita - Station

Starting Bid : 40 b

30 bill

Are considered only at a rate above 40 b

@Tryphania so, lovely missile skills, engineering upgrades where they should be,
gunnery skills almost non existant for a character sitting a 44m SP, no drone skills, not even at “support” level, shield skills so and so, scanning skills below basic.

Imho, 40b is what you ld be getting tops unless someone falls in love with what this toon is missing, which is a lot, and ofc considering they might be needing it as a Golem alt, they 'ld need a quite some time and/or isk invested to make it fly “honourably”.

p.s. Extraction value sits @ abt 35-36b.

Thank you, I’ll take your opinion into account

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Skill board no longer works

Skill board not working

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