.S0B. Sons of Bane - Null Alliance Recruiting Corps

PeW corps always welcomed, LF AUTZ industry corps.

We are growing!! Just picked up a few corps still looking for another indy/pve corp and pew corps always welcomed!

Put your corp into an Alliance that gives a damn about you! And your members. Be more than fodder be apart of a community!

Good times.

Hey guys, we are looking for corps and individuals.

Friday night Fight time!

S0B growing and mowing down nuets. Come get in on the fun.

Fairly new to returning to eve after a few years away. I am looking for a null sec situation for me and my corporation. I am pushing 140 mill in skill points and can fly most everything sub cap. And a hand full of cap options. Currently working towards Minmitar titan. My alt is the CEO of my current corporation with 75mil in skill points He is a Mining foreman/industrialist spec’d including Ark pilot/owner. I have another alt that is mining spec’d. and plenty of cyno alts. I’d love to have a conversation around who you are as a group, and whether I’d be a good fit for you or vice versa. If you are interested feel free to hit me up on my private channel “Naked Privates”

Looking for corps to join us in null. Healthy and thriving Alliance. PVP PVE and Indy to meet all your desires.

Active USTZ and AUTZ with a smaller EUTZ presence

Join our discord or contact me in game.

Looking for EUTZ and USTZ corps wanting a Null/Low sec life

We have spots for EUTZ and USTZ corps wanting a Null/Low sec life.

Bump- Come be apart of something meaningful. Don’t just be another peg on someones board.

Bump for corps who want a better place to call home.

Need a home, want to pvp? run your indy programs? chill with decent bros? Hit us up! we have stuffs

EUTZ and USTZ Corps

Bump for Corps

Looking for a change? want to be apart of something big? Come have a chat!

Daily PvP, Established Industrial infrastructure, best memes… what else do you need?

Looking for A WH corp who wants to run out of a C3

Do It!! you will not regret your choice.