.S0B. Sons of Bane - Null Alliance Recruiting Corps

Bump for EUTZ

Looking to do great things , in need of great people.

Bump for AUTZ feel free to hit me up in disco!

Low BS, minimal politics, complete independence to run your corp how you see fit. No monthly taxes and very easily obtained monthly requirements to live in null. Come have a chat!

Would you guys be interested in some old timers? I am putting my corp back together after a 5 yr break

Sending you a DM boo

Bump for New Players

Looking to build up AUTZ, hit me up!

Looking for PvP corps in EU and US Time zones. We also have a place for AUTZ Indy corps and market builders.

Looking for more corps to help me taunt Rav

Lets go!!! No BS, Got the pew got the rocks and the nudes in discord. What more do you need?


Bump! Just be sure to avoid Rav’s nudes at all cost

Looking for AUTZ corps

Come Join us
Let’s Enjoy The Game :slightly_smiling_face:

Come Join us

PvP or Mining or PVE we have a place for you here.

Ping to the top please

Pvp Corps wanted, room for a Industry/Mining corp plenty of moons and structures for your needs.

PvP Corps welcomed

We have room for maybe two more Industry/Mining corps. Come have a chat with us!