🇺🇸 S0NS of BaNE - 0.0 Alliance

.S0B. Alliance is looking for corps with a predisposition to shoot everything that moves. We have moved to Vale of The Silent and are now continually looking to expand our fleets across US and the AU TZ. We are PvP focused but are also looking for Indy bros to keep our machine rolling. We prefer the small gang aspect of fleets and why we chose Vale for the rebirth of S0B. So we especially want corps who specializes in these types of fleets.

Primary Language: English


Corps must have active members who are some what adapted to life in 0.0. We’re open to corps with low experience and sp, but we have doctrines that are only effective if we can get pilots in them, so the more SP your pilots have the easier it is to get into the fights. We have a casual approach to most things but your corp must PvP. Your peepoles will need to be able to use mics and use Mumble/Discord.

We offer:

  • Daily PvP content
  • 0.0 Sov space
  • Small and medium gang pvp alliance ops
  • Coalition for large scale PvP ops
  • A SRP Program
  • Experienced Members and leadership
  • Jump freighter services

Join our in game channel SOB PUB

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