🇺🇸 S0B - Accepting corps for 0.0 Sov

Sons of Bane is looking for corps who are looking to live in 0.0 Sov space. We are a smaller Alliance that has been around since 2012. We have a balanced member activity in all time zones (US/AU/EU) and we offer PvP, PvE and Indy as we are a diverse group of players. We are a relaxed bunch and we don’t shiet post our guys for what they choose to do in the game and rather encourage community and teamwork.

What we offer:

  • PvP - As an Alliance we have flown in small-gang for most of existence and almost always had to fight outnumbered. We enjoy the challenge as it keeps the pilots on their toes. We also offer medium to large scale fleets as we participate in Coalition Ops on a regular to ensure our prosperity.

  • MooN/Rock Mining - Industrial infrastructure in place and ORE Buy back program available

  • PVE - Many areas and options for your members to make a lot of isk quickly. We have some of the best areas to rat in.

  • Discord / Mumble Servers / Player Tracking

  • Logistics - We have a JF service for pilots who are in need of moving stuff. We offer logistic contracts straight from Jita and to any deployment staging areas.

  • SRP - For Alliance/Coalition Fleets. We also offer a New Bro ship hand out program for those who cant always afford to fly things that we need.

What we are looking for:

  • Active/Well Managed Corps - Corps in the US/AU/EU Time zones with a minimum of 10 active members. We are OK if you are primarily Indy or a pve corp but living in null requires you to PvP to which we require members who are adapted to life in 0.0.

Join ‘SOB Pub’ in-game to inquire more!

Bump for corps

bump 4 internet spaceships

BuMp - Looking for more industrial corps atm

bump any indy corp’s looking for null sec minerals here is your chance…



Interested. Please find me in game or PM me.

Could be interested. Maybe. Who are you blue with? I’m not looking for a doughnut group…

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