S0B - 0.0 Alliance LF Corps

Sons of Bane is a Null Sec Sov Alliance Looking for corporations wanting to live in null. S0B has more than a decade of experience and has lasted simply due to the way we manage ourselves. We are truly about community and content. With this said, we are looking to add like minded corporations to our growing community.

Your corp will have access to daily PvP Large fleet ops, small gang roams, and specialized content. We also provide a solid industry infrastructure within our space as well as access to blue space. We encourage all styles of play and do not frown on any specific interest your corp specializes in as long as its understood that we fight for our things! So as long as your members know that PvP is required than you are more than welcome to apply!. We are a member of the WC Coalition.

What is offered:

  • Member activity in US / AU and EU Time Zones
  • Operational freedom to do what pleases you and your members.
  • Sov space with a “very” short route to Jita,
  • PvP content to meet you and you’re corps needs.
  • Small gang roams and blop fleets.
  • Large fleets with Alliance and Coalition
  • Structures for all industrial needs and space for ratting.
  • Alliance moons and rental programs.
  • A very competitive buyback program.
  • PvE op’s as well as lvl 5 missions.
  • Home Based Markets
  • Jump bridge networks for quick travel to all markets.
  • Discord, Mumble for voice coms

What’s Required:

  • Corps with Strong leadership and a active membership.
  • Social players who can work together with alliance members.
  • Must participate in PvP ops and Home Defense.
  • Monthly participation requirements.
  • Corps to use Alliance coms for everyday tasks.
  • A firm grasp that your corporation is yours to build and grow.

Interested? Please Join our in-game recruitment channel SOB PUB, Also feel free to join our discord SOB Corp/Member Recruitment or you simply ask your questions here.

Click here for individual corp recruitment info.

Bump - LF AUTZ bros to help fill the gap.

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Another great night of small gang fun!!

LF pvp corps in EUTZ and AUTZ
Small gang style who want options.


Looking for a USTZ Indy corp who knows how to operate in Null sec. PvP corps welcomed!

LF a USTZ and a EUTZ INDY corp who knows how to operate in 0.0 Null sec

We are looking to build our EUTZ and LF EUTZ PvP/PVE Corps.

USTZ PvP/PVE Corps are always welcomed.

bump for the Alliance.

Good company, decent opportunities. I like it here.

Good Fights, more to be had, come join us!

Still Growing but need more, LF a 0.0 Indy corp and more PvP/PvE Corps. We have space and stuffs that need to be done!

Come join the fun!

getting better… and bigger!

Growing stronger everyday, come be apart of it!

Looking for AUTZ Corps who need ratting/mining space in NULL sec.

Big things happening, come be apart of it!

Bump! Come join us! Nul sec awaits the bold!

Need more corps to help with our new space.

Bumping still looking for corps / People to join us