S0uthern Comfort looking for pvp pilots


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S0uthern Comfort is an active PVP corp inside of Test Alliance.

Our pilots like to have fun - we do troll each other and the people we kill, we make fun of everyone and everything, if you can’t handle giving and receiving large amounts of trolling and are sensitive and/or get mad easily then this isn’t the corp for you.

The corp currently has 3 Large Divisions - US, Czech and French - spanning a large range of time zones with operations daily. We are currently recruiting for all time zones!

What we offer:

-An Active Corp and Alliance
-Corp/Alliance Content from small roams all the way to capital warfare
-Experienced player base with lots of bitter vets.
-RL first Eve second
-Access to 0.0 space and plenty of isk making.
-Corp Deployments with SRP
-Corp Ore/Ice buy back program
-And most importantly we are a good group of Bros to be around.

What we are looking for:

-PvP Orientated, with some proof of PvP experience (200 kills in the last 6 months) lesser amounts will be considered on a case by case basis
-Ability to pass our probationary period.
-The Ability To Fly and/or train for doctrine ships for both alliance and corp
-Work within a Corporation/Alliance (and follow orders, TS discipline etc)
-Dedication to our collective goals and operations
-You need to be for the most part self sufficient, everyone has hard times and as a corp we will help you out, but we cant hold your hand 100% of the time
-Thick Skin

if your interested drop by the “[S0CO] Recruitment” channel and have a chat with one of our recruiters for more details.

You can also talk to us on discord by click here

(Trespasser) #2

Recruitment is still open, we talked to 3 great new people today and are still looking for plenty more.

Come by and have a chat .

(Trespasser) #3

Recruitment is still open for all time zones, just talked with some great recruits today.

drop by in game or stop by our discord server and have a nice chat!

(Trespasser) #4

still going strong and looking for more :slight_smile:

(Trespasser) #5

plenty of spots left to fill, drop by our ingame channel or discord and have a chat!

(Trespasser) #6

got 3 new people, still looking for more!

(Trespasser) #7

got a few more people today, recruiters are on now waiting to talk with you.

(Trespasser) #8

got a few more people and still looking for more

(Trespasser) #9

got some more and still wanting :slight_smile:

(Trespasser) #10

and another good guy brought into the fold today! tomorrow could be you, come talk to a recruiter!

(Trespasser) #11

recruitment still open, lots of fun to be had!

(Trespasser) #12

new guys are working out really well and having a great time with us, plenty of room for more good people.

(Trespasser) #13

still recruiting for all time zones - drop by our discord or ingame channel and chat with one of our recruiters

(Trespasser) #14

got 3 more good bros and still wanting more, lots of fun going on !

(Trespasser) #15

Got quite a few recruits over the last 10 days and still wanting more, come talk with us :slight_smile:

(Trespasser) #16

got 5 more people and still wanting more bros, plenty of great targets to shoot :slight_smile: