S0uthern Comfort looking for pvp pilots

S0uthern Comfort is an active PVP corp inside of Test Alliance.

Our pilots like to have fun - we do troll each other and the people we kill, we make fun of everyone and everything, if you can’t handle giving and receiving large amounts of trolling and are sensitive and/or get mad easily then this isn’t the corp for you.

The corp currently has 3 Large Divisions - US, Czech and French - spanning a large range of time zones with operations daily. We are currently recruiting for all time zones!

What we offer:
-Active corp Discord and Teamspeak / Active alliance mumble.
-An Active Corp and Alliance
-Corp/Alliance Content from small roams all the way to capital warfare
-Experienced player base with lots of bitter vets willing to teach you.
-RL first Eve second
-Access to 0.0 space and plenty of isk making.
-Corp Deployments with SRP
-Corp Ore/Ice/PI buy back program
-And most importantly we are a good group of Bros to be around.

What we are looking for:

-High Levels of Discord and Voice Communication activity.
-PvP Orientated, with some proof of PvP experience (200 kills in the last 6 months) lesser amounts will be considered on a case by case basis
-Ability to pass our probationary period. (this showing good activity levels, high alliance and corp fleet attendance, high useage of corp and alliance services such as voice coms, discord, forums etc. and integration)
-The Ability To Fly and/or train for doctrine ships for both alliance and corp
-Work within a Corporation/Alliance (following corp / alliance rules and follow orders in fleet, voice comm discipline etc)
-Dedication to our collective goals and operations (you will need to put the corp / alliance before your self depending on what is required)
-You need to be for the most part self sufficient, everyone has hard times and as a corp we will help you out, but we cant hold your hand 100% of the time.
-Thick Skin, We make fun of everyone and everything, each other and our enemies.

if your interested drop by the “[S0CO] Recruitment” channel and have a chat with one of our recruiters for more details.

You can also talk to us on discord by click here

Recruitment is still open, we talked to 3 great new people today and are still looking for plenty more.

Come by and have a chat .

Recruitment is still open for all time zones, just talked with some great recruits today.

drop by in game or stop by our discord server and have a nice chat!

still going strong and looking for more :slight_smile:

plenty of spots left to fill, drop by our ingame channel or discord and have a chat!

got 3 new people, still looking for more!

got a few more people today, recruiters are on now waiting to talk with you.

got a few more people and still looking for more

got some more and still wanting :slight_smile:

and another good guy brought into the fold today! tomorrow could be you, come talk to a recruiter!

recruitment still open, lots of fun to be had!

new guys are working out really well and having a great time with us, plenty of room for more good people.

still recruiting for all time zones - drop by our discord or ingame channel and chat with one of our recruiters

got 3 more good bros and still wanting more, lots of fun going on !

Got quite a few recruits over the last 10 days and still wanting more, come talk with us :slight_smile:

got 5 more people and still wanting more bros, plenty of great targets to shoot :slight_smile:

we have been having a great time with each other, killing lots of people.

We have integrated quite a few new members and we are now wanting more!

Come talk to us today!

the last round of recruits has settled in nicely and passed the probationary period

We are ready to once again open our doors and look for more pilots interested in join an active 0.0 pvp corp with plenty of brothers in arms from all over the globe to play with.

If this sounds fun to you, drop by our discord or in game channel and have a chat with our recruitment team today!

got more people and got them squared away so its time for even more!

Are you from the Czech republic and looking for a good home? we have a great czech division waiting for you! as well as plenty of beer.

Are you French (and French Canadians!) and want to hang out with the coolest french dudes in the game? (who also make the best bœuf bourguignon in the world!) we got you!

Are you from North America? If so then our NA group is large, covers all time zones and has some of the most fun you can have. We have plenty of old school players from beta who have never stopped and will show you how epic this game truly can be when you put in effort.

come on in to our discord and have a chat with my recruitment team today!

Still looking for more folks!

stop by and have a chat with us!