Sackofmeat - A Providence NullSec based Mining and Industry corp. Looking to become the backbone of its alliance

    ======== **ALL *Omega* Industrials wanted!** ========

Don’t have your first barge? We’ve got you covered.

Are you an experienced industrialist looking to take on an important role in the budding industrial backbone of a fast-growing alliance?


Sackofmeat is part of the Desolate. alliance.

Low Tax and Free Access to Industrial, research, reprocessing and moon mining facilities.
Orca Boosts and Compression
Our alliance is active in US, UK + EU time zones.
Active Alliance Discord and in Game chat
Friendly atmosphere.
Strong drive to create industrial might.


We still are new - this is a strong opportunity to get into an alliance’s industry-wing early, and to make some serious ISK.

Convo or Mail “Bumv” in-game with your expression of interest, and you will be contacted.

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