Sale cancelled

WTS myself 69.2 million skill point Industrial alt that just started PVE / PVP skills

Located in High-Sec system Amarr - in capsule with 0 assets
69.2 million skillpoints with 25,000 currently unallocated skillpoints
ISK positive wallet
No killrights on this character
Character is in an NPC corporation with short employment history
Security status of +5.01
Killboard is not inactive but nothing too major that couldnt be corrected with a few kills
Character Currently has 2 Jump Clones in high sec. and in his +5’s
buyout of 60B

Daily bump, Have a good one!

Still for sale, daily bump


sorry already turned down an offer of 42b from the guys buying all the characters they can.

45b i would offer

thank you for the offer, going to hold out for a bit more though

Shameless bump, still for sale

Bump for the EU TZ today

Daily Bump

back up to the top

More then likely my last bump attempting to sell this character, have a good day guys

bid currently @50bil (in game bid) feel free to bid here or shoot me a mail in-game

Still for sale, disease and drug free. Covid-19 test negative as well.

Sale cancelled

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