Sale cancelled

(Anure) #1

Hello All! Looking to sell my pvp focused toon.

EveSkillBoard: Anure
Password: 1234

  • Wallet Balance: Positive
  • Kill Rights: None
  • Location: High Sec
  • Sec Status: Negative

B/O 80B

All CCP rules apply
Transfer will be done by support ticket

(Kamel Fera) #2


(Anure) #3

Thank you for the offer but I am looking for a bit more. Will let go for 73

(Kenzee Leusten) #4

How about 71 bil?

(Anure) #5

72 and I can get this sorted and transfer process started now

(Kenzee Leusten) #6

71.5 bil because reasons!

(Anure) #7

72 :frowning:

(Anure) #8

Bump <3

(system) #9

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