Sale closed

(Dark Magni) #40

Vessel is still available at 600B. Not many chances left to become an owner now.

(Ehrenrh Holst) #41

At 600 b there are about a million more chances to get one.

(Dark Magni) #42

Don’t get everyone’s hopes up. This is an Imp.

(Dark Magni) #43

Sansha’s greatest weapon

(Cleopatra Ramesses) #45

I admit this
No one will sell it easily

(Dark Magni) #46

Price will only increase now is your last chance.

Nobody ever gives bro prices on Imps.

(Dark Magni) #47

Be an Imp Owner.

(Alocose) #48

Imp for sale 400b

Just saying …

Your price is way to high I would buy a officer fit Molok before I bought a frig at that price that being said I offer 300b

(Why Cereal) #49

offering 301b

(Dark Magni) #50

Im making a poster for my eve online room with all the 300b ‘Penut offers’ I get for this supreme vessel.

Here’s to the glory of Sansha.

(Eimar Akytamku) #51

In that case I offer 299 bil.

(Trath Gelkin) #52

If that’s so, 285b bid.

(Zahara Cody) #53

325 bil

(lolmynameis) #54

Are you going to use the isk to buy more of the space rocks you’ve been smoking?

(Dark Magni) #55

This vessel - which is the best in game - is safely docked and available for sale.

The price remains at 600B. This is not for those with small wallets or who are reliant on bro prices to get their shinys.

(Dark Magni) #57

The Imp was only given to the victorious. 600B.

(Dark Magni) #58

I am always willing to talk to reasonable persons.

(Big Lynx) #59

Lol… reasonable persons… in eve… you man, have a good kind of humour

(Dark Magni) #61

Sale closed Im keeping it for myself.

(Ehrenrh Holst) #62

lol. You didn’t have to post an update. We knew you were keeping it when you posted the price.