Sale is canceled

The sale of this character is canceled.

35 bil

Auction still Green!


Retracted, competing bids exceed my max based on SP confirmed to be 46 million.

Daily bump!

Bidding ends tonight @ Eve time 1800


You’re advertising the character as 46m SP but the eveboard link is showing 53.7m SP, could i get a clearer idea of how many SP this character has please :slight_smile:

thank you,

  • Annie

*** Thanks, the eveboard has updated now ****

Hey Annie, it shows correctly for me right now. I do not know why it was showing an incorrect figure for his sp earlier. Rongo has 46,286,823 sp exactly.

38b ready for trade.

Congrats, DeLuxeMaraud - you win the auction. Send an evemail with account name and isk :slight_smile:

No response from DeLuxeMaraud, so auction is still Live!

38b offered

Offer accepted! Please provide account name and isk!

give me an hour or so to prep funds and account

it says toon only has 7m sp trained, not 46 million? can this be explained please.

Maybe you clicked on the wrong link? It clearly says that I have 46.2 million sp:

I await your prep :slight_smile:

sorry, taking longer than anticipated to get prepped.

Ok. No worries. Ready when you are :slight_smile:

No response from HasmedAffini - auction is live again!

I can buy it when i get home in 2 hour you will need to extract some sp wich i dont want and you will make 41b from this char let me know if you are interested