Sale is canceled

(Rongo Rieslavich) #1

The sale of this character is canceled.

(Johny Rambo) #2

35 bil

(Rongo Rieslavich) #3

Auction still Green!

(TxivYawg1) #4


(Maizie Fields) #5

Retracted, competing bids exceed my max based on SP confirmed to be 46 million.

(Rongo Rieslavich) #6

Daily bump!

Bidding ends tonight @ Eve time 1800

(Annie Dakota) #7


You’re advertising the character as 46m SP but the eveboard link is showing 53.7m SP, could i get a clearer idea of how many SP this character has please :slight_smile:

thank you,

  • Annie

*** Thanks, the eveboard has updated now ****

(Rongo Rieslavich) #8

Hey Annie, it shows correctly for me right now. I do not know why it was showing an incorrect figure for his sp earlier. Rongo has 46,286,823 sp exactly.

(DeLuxeMaraud) #9

38b ready for trade.

(Rongo Rieslavich) #10

Congrats, DeLuxeMaraud - you win the auction. Send an evemail with account name and isk :slight_smile:

(Rongo Rieslavich) #11

No response from DeLuxeMaraud, so auction is still Live!

(HasmedAffini) #12

38b offered

(Rongo Rieslavich) #13

Offer accepted! Please provide account name and isk!

(HasmedAffini) #14

give me an hour or so to prep funds and account

(HasmedAffini) #15

it says toon only has 7m sp trained, not 46 million? can this be explained please.

(Rongo Rieslavich) #16

Maybe you clicked on the wrong link? It clearly says that I have 46.2 million sp:

I await your prep :slight_smile:

(HasmedAffini) #17

sorry, taking longer than anticipated to get prepped.

(Rongo Rieslavich) #18

Ok. No worries. Ready when you are :slight_smile:

(Rongo Rieslavich) #19

No response from HasmedAffini - auction is live again!

(Anakin Olacar) #20

I can buy it when i get home in 2 hour you will need to extract some sp wich i dont want and you will make 41b from this char let me know if you are interested