Sale stoped

(Memento more) #1

I am glad to present you my pvp toon. It has got almost 160 ml sp (159.4), can fly any Gallente and Minmatar ships, ready to sit the titan. I put lots of efforts into this char. I created him in 2008 so he is quite on old guy now hehe :slight_smile:

Chacter is hanging in high sec currently. Wallet is positive as well as sec. status (5.0) ; 3 bonus remaps are available. All CCP rules are applied

According to my calculations, roughly 125b could be extracted out of my pilot. So that will be a starting point. No offers below that number!

(Brock Khans) #3

Can you add him to please, I’d like to check a few things like ships

(Memento more) #4

It is her, not him. Here you go

(Vagos Pinkman) #5

Way too cheap dude don’t go below 140B

(QueenOfEast) #6

125 b

(Serto Corleone) #7

130b isk

(Brock Khans) #8

Why is character at 30m sp now?

(Fatli Solvent) #9

7m sp now
hope noone paid for the char in the ends
cuz it’s gooooooone

(Memento more) #10

topic closed for me more profit extrat it by my self.
125 and 130b too low bids. io got more than 140b and don’t pay for transfer
thx for all

(ISD Norros) #11

(ISD Norros) #12

Topic closed at OP’s request